We are a scrap and salvage yard. We have been in the scrap and recycling industry for over 17 years. We love what we do and thats part of why we started this business. We are here to help the community. You, our customers, will be treated with the best customer service. We will pay you honest prices for your recyclable materials.
We buy scrap metals of all types and sell used Auto parts.
We are here to help make a better tomorrow for you and your families as well as our own. Please help us by recycling today.
batteriesIMG 0763

  Batteries                                                    Aluminum Cans

IMG 0766IMG 1033

  Autos                                                          47 Foot Survivor Drive On Scale

rotersalum rims

  Cast Iron                                                     Aluminum Rims

copper 2alternators
  Copper                                                       Alternators
Insulated wirewagon wheels
Insulated Wire                                                Wagon Wheels